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Heavenly Hair Care Instructions for Braids

You have come to the right Place for Natural Hair Care and Braiding Tutorials where you can learn fundamentals, Trending styles and best Techniques for managing your Beautiful Crown!


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Heavenly Hair Care Instructions for Braids

How soon can I Wash my Braids?

Ideally, you should wait at least 2 weeks before washing your braids for the first time.
Your Braid Styles can be washed more frequently however, it’s not recommended since this can stress the hair. When hair follicles become over- stressed, you’ll see dryness and maybe even hair thinning. 
Washing a braid style is essential to maintaining healthy hair and scalp as it removes build up, sweat, dirt, dandruff, dead skin cells, and bacteria, allowing your scalp to breathe. If you have an oily scalp, consider washing your style once a week. If you have a dry scalp, wait 2-3 weeks before washing/ rewashing your braid style.


How do I Wash my Braids?

Before applying Braider’s Cleanse Shampoo, squeeze foam onto fingertips to activate the suds. This will make it easier to apply to your scalp. Lightly Massage the scalp through the parts with your fingertips to release any dirt or product buildup. Rinse thoroughly.

Washing helps alleviate day-to-day itchiness and relieves stress. Washing braid styles properly and rinsing the shampoo out of your hair and scalp shouldn’t be a lengthy process. Which is why Braider’s Cleanse Shampoo is formulated with no Sulfates used, therefore the lather is intended to be mild in form.

After Washing what do I do?


Conditioning your hair post-wash is just as important as the Wash itself! It’s crucial to Condition your hair to Rehydrate your luscious locks. Using Wine Rinse Conditioner, a low lather Conditioner, you replenish, remoisturize and provides the softness your protective style needs. 
Allow your hair to dry naturally or sit under a low heat dryer to assist in the process of drying. Let it air dry or loosely wrap a large microfiber towel to soak up excess moisture.
If your box braids aren’t dried properly, mildew can form overnight creating bacteria leading to odor. To avoid funky box braids smells, drying your hair thoroughly is a must!  Giving your braids enough time to air-dry is crucial to preventing any mildew or smell from forming.
Following your Wash and Conditioning routine,  add an additional layer of moisture with Heavenly Thairapy Phenom Serum Hair Oil or Heavenly Thairapy Phenomenal Whipple Butter Hair Cream to lock in the moisture, keeping your hair free from mildew by letting it air dry completely. 

How do I maintain my Braid style @ Bedtime?

Wear a satin bonnet/ Scarf or Durag while sleeping. This will help prevent braids from tangling and collecting lint. Use a satin or silk scarf as opposed to a cotton scarf that will absorb a large portion of the hair’s moisture and will help keep your braid style from drying out. Your edges will also remain fresher. 

What should I be doing Daily/ Every Other Day to Maintain my Braid style?

In between washes, moisturize the scalp with Heavenly Thairapy Phenom Serum Hair Oil. Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize!


How long can I keep my Braid Style?

We recommend leaving protective styles in for about 2-4 weeks on average for cornrow styles and 6-8 weeks for Individual/ Box braid styles and never push more than two months without a proper retouch if you intend to go longer.

What is a retouch?

One must periodically retouch braids around the perimeter of your style to keep them looking fresh and to keep your edges from breaking, especially for thicker, longer braids which are usually heavier. Consult with your Braid Technician. 

How do I remove my Braids?

Add Heavenly Thairapy Phenom Serum Hair Oil to the root of your braids to assist in detangling. This will allow the braid to glide through the hair. If your braids are longer than your natural hair you can cheat by cutting the bottoms but leave enough space to where your natural hair ends, keeping in mind your natural hair is now stretched and has probably grown. Simply trim the ends of the braid and use a comb to unravel the first few sections of the braid.
Do not be too alarmed if you see an adequate amount of hair loss as we shed hair daily so the weeks (or months) worth of hair in our braids will equate to a decent amount of hair fall.

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