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Cleansing Shampoo formulated for an easier WASH DAY Routine for ALL hair Types. Designed to clean the scalp and remove excess oil.

Directions: Pump foam onto scalp and hair, massage into scalp with finger tips, work up a lather, rinse thoroughly, then dry. Follow with Heavenly Thairapy Serum.


Organic Sugar soap, Distilled water, preservatives, aloe vera gel, essential oils

No Sulfates used, therefore the lather is intended to be mild in form.

Wine Rinse Conditioner Uses: Complete your Wash Day Routine with Wine Rinse Conditioners' natural ingredients to leave your hair Softer, Silkier and Tangle Free. Formulated for ALL hair Types. Designed to Provide Moisture. Use as often as needed.

Directions: Use as a Rinse Out post Wash, Leave- In, or a Cleansing Conditioner. Follow with additional Products from the Heavenly Thairapy Product Line

Cleansing Shampoo & Wine Rinse Conditioner 4oz

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